Your HDTV Needs Me:
Belkin PureAV Power Console


What is it? I guarantee you that if you have purchased a TV in a store like Best Buy recently, as soon as you purchased the TV you were warned about the urgent need for a high quality surge protector. I completely agree with the sales associates on the need for a surge protector. Well, at least on everything except for the price. The surge protector that was pushed on us was about $400. And then when we didn’t like that one, a $200 model that would barely suffice was recommended. I knew this sales push was coming and researched and purchased my surge protector and cables ahead of time, saving myself literally hundreds of dollars.

Features: Here are all of the features of the Belkin PF30 in tech speak…

  • Level 4 Power Protection
  • Phase 3 PureFilter™ Circuitry with video, audio, and HiCurrent™ filters
  • Slim console design fits perfectly in your home theater cabinet
  • HiCurrent outlet for high-power amplifiers
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • $350,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
  • 8 outlets
  • 3245 joules of surge protection
  • 165,000-Amp maximum spike current
  • 1 pair of gold coaxial connections for coaxial-cable protection
  • 8 ft. SD500 HiCurrent™ power cord with right-angle plug
  • UL1449 Rated

Features in Layman’s Terms: There are a few major benefits that you need from a surge protector / power conditioner if you own an expensive LCD or Plasma TV. First, is it will protect you from major surges, like lighting storms. The nice thing is it will not only protect your TV, but all of the other audio/visual components you have plugged in. Secondly, it will lengthen the lifespan of your TV by protecting it from all of the minor surges. Typically, you receive power to your house that has many little spikes and surges throughout the day. The PF30 provides ‘clean’ power – which basically means it takes out all of those little power spikes that will reduce the life of your tv. That same clean power and ‘PureFilter Circuitry’ should provide you the best picture for you tv. If any of your components are introducing any noise to your picture, this should clean that up. It also provides phone, ethernet, and coaxial inputs and outputs to provide protection for those as well.

Bottom Line: If you own a high quality TV and/or AV components, you really need to have a high quality surge protector. One lighting storm could cost you thousands, without one. The Belkin PF30 is the best value in my opinion. The price is very inexpensive to what you’ll find in most stores, and the features and protection it offers is exactly what most home theaters need. I also like the slim and simple design. It doesn’t take up a lot of room, and it’s not distracting. Available in Black or Silver.

HDTV Buying Tip: DO NOT purchase any accessories (cables, surge protectors, cleaners) at all from the store you purchase your High-Def TV from. Especially a store like Best Buy. That is where they make their money. You will probably pay four times or more the amount of what those accessories really cost. Do a little research. Find out what you need. And then purchase the items ahead of time on Amazon and save yourself hundreds.

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Belkin PureAV Power Console

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