Why Men Don’t Workout


Honey! I can find where we are going. I don’t need a map or Mapquest.

Doctor, they don’t know what they are talking about!

Ok guys, stop the bleeding right now and fess up.

We are terrible about asking for help from our wives and other men.

Accountability is the key to rock your body back into shape!

Just start with a simple call to a buddy with a pick up game of your choice or get a 7 day free pass at your local gym.

I promise you will find somebody of your fitness level.

Craigslist, your neighbor, co-worker, and even your brother.

This week’s fitness homework is to find at least 3 potential men YOU can reach out to for some huge accountability.

Look forward to your comments and questions. Please submit them and I will answer everyone for you.

Have a Fit Day!

Image credit: Susan H., SXC

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