WELCOME to the new TheFatherLife.com!

Hey Everyone! The last week or two have been insane with 4th of July, vacations, and (finally!) our newly updated site!

As THE FATHER LIFE has grown, it’s become quickly evident to us that we eventually needed to revamp our website to offer a lot more and so that our web presence could expand quickly. So, here you go!

Before you dig in, wanted to show you a couple of new things…

DAILY CONTENT: We’ll now have new articles posting daily during the week. So, every day, you’ll be seeing something fresh on TheFatherLife.com! So, keep checking in…

COMMENTS + COMMUNITY: Our new site here has full commenting functions – so comment away! In addition, we finally launched a proper online community over at THE FATHER LIFE on NING

We’ll be adding new touches here and there as we finish tweaking the site; hope you enjoy this new version of TheFatherLife.com! We’re ready for what’s next! (And, as always, if you have ideas, comments, etc. – feel free to hit us up at feedback[at]thefatherlife[dot]com.)

Image by: Joanie Cahill

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  1. Thanks so much, Tyler! You know you work hard on these things and than you put it out there… and you just hope others like it as much as you do. I’m really glad to hear you like it! -Ben

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