WEDNESDAY WRAP: Mercury, Extinction, Paris Auto Show + More!

Well, while Wall Street is falling apart, life continues. Here’s our weekly wrap of what’s going on in the world that’s worth knowing about… (or, possibly, useless info we can’t resist passing along)…

For instance, during the bailout, NASA spacecraft zoomed above the surface of Mercury… pretty cool, huh? Well, it is pretty cool since we’ve never seen the surface of Mercury so close before.

Unfortunately, while Mercury was posing for the camera, a quarter of mammals are finding themselves at risk for extinction. Those animals have really let themselves go, haven’t they? Seriously, though, this is worth reading about. One of the problems contributing to extinction is no doubt global warming, caused in part by the internal-combustion engine vehicles that we drive every day. But, nevertheless, the 2008 Paris Auto Show must go on, and the cars are beautiful!

Up in New England, the baseball season is unfolding nicely as Red Sox fans are all smiles after a down-to-wire win!

A new study shows that a fan in the room seems to cut infants’ risk of crib death (SIDS)… interesting! And, finally, Apple may be carving their new laptops out of bricks of aluminum… and, really, how can you argue with that? That’s just cool. Enjoy the remainder of your week guys; all the best! -TFL

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  1. Oh, please. Internal combustion? How about all of the greenhouse gasses emitted by the mammals themselves? If those mammals would start taking Beeno, would be in a much better place. 🙂

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