WEDNESDAY WRAP: Good, Android, MY.SUIT, + Dodge

We know you’re busy, so very Wednesday we pass along our wrap-up of cool stuff that’s worth knowing about… Enjoy!

First, always keeping things interesting, the folks over at GOOD Magazine (a good magazine, by the way) figured that If Radiohead Can Do It, So Can We. You can now subscribe to GOOD for $___ whatever amount you darn well please!

On the tech end of things, T Mobile released the highly-anticipated G1 Google Android Phone. The big deal here, of course, is that the phone is running on Android – “Google’s all-singing, all-dancing, all-open-source new operating system.”

Always wanted a bespoke suit, but can’t stomach the steep price tag? It may be worth your while to check out MY.SUIT New York who specializes in selling made-to-measure suits starting around $500. Not bad considering that a good off-the-rack suit can easily run you that and higher. MY.SUIT has been popping up in blogs here and there and may be worth checking out.

Finally, the 2009 DODGE RAM is now out! MSN Autos ran a good ‘First Drive’ article on the truck. Says our editor-in-chief, Ben Martin, “I have absolutely no use for a pick up truck, but if I had the money, one of these would be in my driveway!”

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