As the web has grown, and especially as “web 2.0” has emerged, there are all sorts of cool new tools available to folks to promote their sites, grow stats, drive traffic, etc. Why does this matter to our readers? Because a lot of guys reading The Father Life are involved in the social media and tech sectors; so we figured we’d pass along 2 newer tools that have recently caught our eye: BackType, and Individualurls.

BackType: BackType allows you to track (and show others) all the various places you’ve been posting and commenting on the web. Since comments and conversations around the web can be a powerful way to drive traffic, this is a great tool to show others all the places you’re interacting with others. And as you drive new folks to those conversations and they join in, your traffic sees growth as well. It’s a viral effect, and BackType is a new tool you can use to help push it along. You can read TheFatherLife’s BackType Page here as well as the “Other Conversations” feed in our right sidebar (yes, BackType generates a feed for your account that you can plug in where you want – very cool!).

Individualurls: Individualurls is a site that allows you to create your own Alltop-like aggregation of all the sites you read. Or, a collection of your various feeds (like Twitter, Blog, Corporate, etc.) that you’d like to give folks access to all in one place. It’s a great way to keep folks plugged in to what you’re plugged into on the web… (and, yes, we’ll have a account set up pretty soon!). Thanks to The Paisano for tipping us off to Individualurls! You can check out The Paisano’s Individualurls here

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