Using toys to spice up your bedroom

Keeping the bedroom interesting can prove to be difficult at times. After years, you’ve tried almost everything once and at this point have found your rhythm. Sometimes that’s nice. It’s easy, it’s reliable, it’s even comfortable. but remember when sex wasn’t so comfortable in the sense that it was exciting and new every time? While you can’t bring back the days of being a teenager, you can certainly begin spicing things back up between you and your partner and leave the comfortable sex for when you’re both sick, exhausted, or hungover.

While changing locations, getting out of town, and role playing are all great ways to change a stale bedroom scene, I think sex toys are really your best bet. Bringing in toys can help the two of you explore, feel new sensations and create a more open sexual communication between the two of you. But how do you go about it and what should you get?

Your partner might be a little apprehensive if you haven’t used sex toys in the bedroom before, but considering that 1 in 2 women are reported to have had or have a sex toy the odds are in your favor. If you think they won’t be put off by the idea, I think you’re better off surprising them. Wine and dine your partner, set the scene and then bring out the new toy. If you think they may not be automatically into it, try bringing it up on neutral ground, i.e. not the bedroom. Research websites like Adam & Eve and find a few toys that you think could be fun for you both to try. Or better yet, take your partner to an adult sex toy store where you can shop together. Picking out the toy together can make it seem less intimidating and bring you closer together.

What should you get?

First time toy buyers might want to stick to something a little smaller and simple, like a vibrating cock ring. These are small enough that you won’t feel like they are truly intruding on your sexual experience,but are powerful enough to change sex for both you and get you off in a whole new way.

You could also try a vibrator, whether it be a finger vibrator, a g-spot vibrator or even the iconic Rabbit vibrator. This will be a great way to show her how beneficial and amazing sex toys can truly be, but it doesn’t just have to be used on her. If you’re adventurous, she can try it on you at at the very least, have her rub it along all of your sensitive parts.

Another idea: go all out and get a sex swing. These babies allow you to swing your way to orgasm, but also make multiple positions easier to achieve and help you come up with a whole lot of new ones.

Finally, if you suffer from ED or are quick to shoot, you can always revive your sex life by getting a strap on. They make hollow ones that allow men to wear them. This can keep you feeling connected with your partner, while giving them the pleasure they want.

This is just a brief list of toys you can experiment with. If you didn’t see anything here that struck your fancy, don’t worry, there’s a lot more out there. Take the time to research what’s available to you and give a few a try. You’re bound to find something that you and your partner can both enjoy.

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