The Baby Grands II

For me, kid’s music falls into three categories. “Annoying as Hell” and “Palatable” are the first two and capture about 99% of the kids music I’ve ever heard. There’s very little that falls into the third and final “Totally Dig It” category. In fact, Dan Zanes might be the only one in that third category for me and that’s a pretty high bar to top.

So I’ve never really understood the whole “kindie rock” phenomenon. Seemed like a fad that took away from time I’d rather use introducing my kids to quality bands like The Beatles or The Rolling Stones.

Indie label Backspace Records dropped us a line last fall when one of their artists The Baby Grands were preparing to drop their second album, entitled ‘The Baby Grands II’. I figured, why not? Even if I don’t like it, my three kids might, and that’s the idea, right?

The Baby Grands are billed as a children’s/family rock band and are made up of singer songwriter Chuck Nash (a Musician Magazine’s Best Unsigned Artist and full time performer) hailing from Jacksonville Florida – and Ben Rowell, an Atlanta resident who spent over a decade as the rhythm guitar player and songwriter for the Gainesville, Florida based band Big Sky.

The Baby Grands’ first album was released about 2 years back and received great reviews, including a 2009 National Parenting Publication Award, which is a pretty big deal.

Their sophomore album saw the two team up for songwriting sessions via iChat, emailing recording files back and forth, traveling on weekends and surviving many sleepless nights of recording to complete the new album.

So, what’s the verdict on ‘The Baby Grands II’? Well, depends on who you ask. TBG’s muscial talent is certainly there – creative song writing, solid recording and producing, it really is a quality CD… if Kindie Rock is your cup of tea. There were a few songs I “totally dug” (who knew you could write an entire song about palindromes!) and a few that I found to be “annoying as…” But if I were 5? I’d be all into it. And my kids certainly were!

And that’s the bottom line, really. Given the fact that my 3 girls have continued to ask incessantly “where’s that CD that daddy got in the mail?”, “can we PLEEEEEEASE listen to the Dinosaur Under My Bed Song?”, and on and on and on… it’s a smash hit!

So, even if Kindie Rock isn’t your cup of tea, it’s all good. Your kids will definitely dig The Baby Grands!

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