Tips and Tricks for Shopping for Gifts

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Forget cosmetics, handbags, and perfumes.  “Free gift with purchase” offers are for men, too.  And, for those of us who avoid shopping until completely necessary, it is not a bad idea to take advantage of them.

Many a man has struggled to find the perfect present for his male family members and friends, but the solution to this problem is actually quite simple.

When shopping, always keep those around you in mind.  By doing so, you will find things for people that you never thought you would.

For instance, if you stumble upon a sweater that ought to be hanging in your brother’s closet, but that you know he would never buy for himself, do not leave the store empty-handed.  You will be happy with your decision.  And, provided that you are receptive to his style and taste, so will your brother.

The next time you visit your favorite department store — mine just so happens to be Lord & Taylor — take a good look at the men’s fragrances.  Generally speaking, if you spend a certain amount of money on cologne, you will receive a complimentary gift — such as a messenger, overnight, tote, or toiletry bag — manufactured by the same designer.

So, if your nephew’s birthday and that of your best buddy are within a week or two of one another, you can rest assured that you have two items set aside and ready to give as gifts.

Of course, how you distribute them is entirely up to you.  You may choose to give the cologne to your nephew and the bag to your friend.  Or, you may decide to give them both to the same person and treat the other to dinner at his favorite restaurant.

Sounds perfect, right?  But, wait, it gets better.  If you simply cannot bear to let go of one of the items, keep it for yourself.  It will be your own little secret.

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1 thought on “Tips and Tricks for Shopping for Gifts

  1. The best gift is one that says I know you. My folks are forever giving us cash for gifts – what a lame approach – talking about not knowing you!
    In Australia we’ve set up a club for dads that helps them choose the best gift, mostly for their kids.
    Of all the articles and recommendations, in my opinion the best gift giving tip is the one that says I know you. Quite often this can be an experience which can fortitiously keep you out of those damn shopping malls.

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