The Week In Sports #10: TO, BoSox Woes, Vick in Philly and more

Terrell Owens is already feeling the heat from an unruly Bills fan. Owens, who’s been out of practice for the last week due to a sore ankle, received flowers and a note calling him a pansy for sitting out. He responded to the gift on his Twitter account, and it is quite obvious that he can handle the haters. Owens response was @terrellowens “Just wanted 2 say thanx again 2 whomever sent the flowers, my dorm room needed the touch! i may twitpic the flowers!” It remains to be seen how Owens handles “fans” like this if the Bills are out of the playoff picture in December.

MLB: The Boston Red Sox won the first eight games of their season series with the New York Yankees. Everyone forgot all about that last weekend. The Yanks swept the four game series and put a damper on Boston’s post season aspirations. Couple that with the steroid allegations surrounding David Ortiz and it is clear that all is not well in Red Sox Nation. Oh yea, a few weeks ago it looked as if Boston had a surplus of starting pitchers. How quickly things change. With Daisuke Matsuzaka and Time Wakefield on the DL, the trading of Justin Masterson and the waiving of John Smoltz, the Sox are playing with less than a full deck. Clay Buchholz and untested Junichi Tazawa have been thrown into the fire.

NFL: Mike Vick finally signed with an NFL team. The Philadelphia Eagles signed Vick to a two-year contract on Thursday and now have arguably the best backup in the NFL. It remains to be seen how and when Vick will play. Will he be as good as the 1,000 yard rushing monster that he was in his last season, or has he lost a step with his year plus hiatus from the NFL? Also, Philadelphia is well known for having the most ruthless fans in all of American sports. How will they treat Vick fresh out of prison? Will there be boo-birds or will all be forgiven?

Golf: The PGA Championship started on Thursday at Hazeltine Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota. Tiger Woods (-5) is leading by one stroke over Padraig Harrington after the fist day of play. Make sure to check out more coverage in the near future from our new golf writer Brian Bresnan. He’s much more informed about the game of golf than I.

NASCAR: Carfax 400 at Michigan is on Sunday at 1 p.m. EST on ESPN. I don’t know a lot about NASCAR, bur I do know that since it’s called the Carfax 400,  the drivers will have to complete a total of 400 miles. I don’t know how someone could not get bored driving in a circle for 400 freakin’ miles, let alone watching it on TV. I know I am showing my ignorance with my last statement, but I just don’t care. I’m not going to knock people who love NASCAR, I just don’t get it. Maybe if I was at the race I would understand the appeal. But watching NASCAR on TV is about as entertaining as watching the Antique Road Show with the sound off. Here come the angry emails.

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