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Every Wednesday we’ll bring you The Wednesday Wrap, a collection of links to generally cool stuff that’s worth passing along. And than every Friday we’ll bring you the Friday Round-up, a round-up of the week’s fathering news.

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PATRIOTS MUST REGROUP WITHOUT QB TOM BRADYAP – FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Opponents expecting the New England Patriots to fall apart as a result of Tom Brady’s season-ending knee injury would be wise to remember the last time the team had to turn to its backup quarterback. His name: Tom Brady. And after Drew Bledsoe was injured in 2001, he led the Patriots to Super Bowl victories in three of the next four seasons… (link)


CNET News – When I first glimpsed the leaked photos of Apple’s skinny, rounded-screen redesign of the iPod Nano, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. It seemed so unlike Apple to revisit the older designs of its first- and second-generation Nano, and the wing-shaped form seemed a bit odd. Holding the Nano 4G in my hand, however, I’m starting to think that last year’s squarish design was just an awkward, forgettable phase in the Nano’s development. This year, Apple… (link)

DAMIEN HIRST – Photo Essay – Art World Enfant Terrible – On September 15 and 16, Damien Hirst, 43, already one of the world’s richest artists, will take 223 new works directly to auction at Sotheby’s in London, in a sale that could bring $230 million or more… (link)

MEN’S SPRINGWEAR – It’s Fashion Week in NYC! GQ brings you the latest on men’s spring 2009 fashion trends for those of you who like to be ahead-of-the-curve on these things… (link)

NEW METALLICA ALBUM DUE FRIDAY, SEPT. 12SPIN – Mark your calendar! Genre pioneers Metallica have finally unveiled the release date for their 10th studio effort to date. Death Magnetic, the “hardcore” and “nutty” follow up to 2003’s mega-hit St. Anger, will arrive Sept. 12 via Warner Bros. And if that date seems unusual, it’s because Magnetic, much like its predecessor, will come out on a Friday. For U.S. record buyers, this runs in opposition to the usual industry standard of Tuesday…

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