The Not-So-Little Black Sweater That Could

Take a quick look inside the closet of any of your female friends or relatives and you will surely stumble upon the infamous “little black dress.”  After all, every girl and woman owns at least one.

There is no doubt that this age-old garment’s greatest advantages are its eternal elegance and unique utility.  But what about us?  The analogy assumed by many boys and men is likely to be as follows:  the little black dress is to females as the suit is to males.  That is all well and good until you recognize the fact that little black dresses can be worn just about anywhere, whereas there is a definite time and place for suits.  Needless to say, at some point, I came to form my own analogy:  the little black dress is to females as the not-so-little black sweater is to males.

Since the little black dress constitutes appropriate garb at even black-tie affairs and the not-so-little black sweater does not, perhaps, my analogy could use some reworking.  But I think you get the idea.  At the end of the day, if a sweater for all seasons is what you are seeking, steer completely clear of patterns; argyles and stripes may be suitable for bumming around the house but are far too casual for social events.

A few years ago, at Banana Republic, I purchased a black v-neck sweater — a brilliant blend of eighty-five percent cotton and fifteen percent cashmere.  A sweater like this is highly recommended, guys, as it is extraordinarily comfortable; can be worn on its own, over a dress shirt, or under a blazer; and may be tucked in or left out.  For formal occasions, a tie can be added to the mix.  You may dress it up or dress it down with your favorite pair of pants, and, more than anything, you will be happy just knowing that black goes great with virtually anything and everything in your existing wardrobe.  How about that for versatility?

And you know what they say.  When we wear the color black, we often appear even more slender and sophisticated than we already are.  Sounds good, right?  Of course it does!

As for me, I still continue to wear my Banana Republic sweater.  I would be a fool not to!  If you do not already own a solid black sweater, you had better get yourself one.  Once you do, take it out for a night on the town.  You will love the way you feel and your significant other will love the way you look.

Image courtesy Banana Republic

1 thought on “The Not-So-Little Black Sweater That Could

  1. It’s a great point you make with regards to the ‘Little Black Dress’ for men. It’s something I’ve actually considered on several occasions myself, not least the other day with a group of friends!

    I definitely have a favourite seasonal sweater too: a simple grey cotton ‘v’-neck. It’s just the right thickness and, because it’s a light cotton, immensely comfortable to wear. I do have a similar black variation, but it just doesn’t have the same versatility as the light grey.

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