[THE NEIGHBOR’S WIFE] Tips for the Reluctant Outdoorsmen

This Neighbor’s wife has a lot of experience in the Outdoors.  Maybe I can help you step outside and get off the couch!

You have read the research that  claims that spending just five minutes outdoors has great health benefits for your health and that of our children.  You heard that President Obama declared June as the great outdoors month.  You have seen the different websites, books, articles and publications  that support the exploration of natural places. Yet, you would rather sit and watch the game, read the paper or go to the movies.  But you want to do right by your kids and offer them the health benefits that outdoor exploration has to offer.

If you follow these Neighbor’s wife tips, you are going to stay within your comfort zone and get to offer your kids some quality nature time:

  • Pack some bratwurst, sand toys and hit a local campground for a day of eating and lounging around.  You can even do this in your own backyard.
  • Stop by your favorite coffee shop pick up a snack and a strong coffee and walk the bike path near your house while your child rides her bike.
  • Help your child build something outdoors — a skateboard ramp, a doll house, a bird house; whatever interests them.  You can spend many hours planning, biking to town for supplies and then building the contraption.  After that it is great to use what you build to play.
  • Go Fishing:  Lakes, ponds, rivers, ocean or simply a stocked fish hatchery are fun places to visit with your kids.  You can even bring a lawn chair and a magazine.
  • Go to your local Park

Stepping outdoors and celebrating June Great Outdoor Month with everyone else does not have to crimp your style! — well, not too much.

Heidi Ahrens, your Neighbor’s wife

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