The Birth Day: Before the Vasectomy Comes Birth

Not that long ago, one of The Father Life writers encouraged all of you to go for the Vasectomy when your wives request it.  Before the vasectomy comes birth.  Many people write about birth as this horrible experience women go through.  There are also many books that help women get centered and ready for birth.

If you watch Mad Men you are aware that Don Draper sat in the hospital waiting room while drinking scotch, when his wife was getting drugged up so she would give birth in a dizzy fog.  We are long past those days, yet I believe that guys and their wives need to look at birth as a wonderful gift.  Many men are not sure what to do or expect during the birth of their children.

The Neighbor’s wife birthed one baby girl in a birthing center and another baby girl in her house.  Although both experiences were completely different, they were both life changing experiences for my husband and me.  Of course, you say you got a kid out of the experience and they totally suck up your time and energy.  That’s not what I am talking about.

Birth is a time where you get a chance to connect with your spouse.  At no other time will you be so close to life and death as when you are birthing a child.  Yes, you too, are birthing that child.  Look at your wife as an extension of yourself and be there to experience the gift of birth.

Birth is a time of openness or letting go of control and of discovery.  Bad things sometimes happen during births but also wonderful lessons are always revealed.  Birth may not go the way you and your wife planned it, but it will happen.  Be there to witness and experience the joy, pain and sadness that surround such a magical event.

Life will never be the same afterwards.

Heidi Ahrens, your Neighbor’s wife

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