[TFL UPDATE] Michael Jordan and… what other reason do you need?

Our friends at Hanes shared a couple of links with us this week which both have Michael Jordan’s name attached to them.  Why?  Why not!  Given the opportunity, I’ll gladly attach Michael Jordan’s name to anything I legally can.  Like this post.

First up is hanessuperbike.com, in cooperation with Michael Jordan Motorsports, where you can win a trip to the final round of American Superbike Racing.  Next (and my personal favorite) is MJ Mini Golf, an addictive web-based game of, you guessed it, mini golf.  Discounts at Hanes.com are built into the game, along with weekly prizes, but I would have played it even without that incentive.  It’s pretty well done, too, and a great way to waste time.


Many have speculated, but now we finally have conclusive proof: George Lucas is an evil genius.  Thanks to Wired.com and GeekDad for the diligent research.

Only prototypes have been seen so far, but the Asus Eee Keyboard looks like the perfect PC to connect to your home theater.  That’s right, an entire PC stuffed into a wireless keyboard.  It can even deliver video wirelessly, meaning you’ll only need to use a wire to charge the battery.  After thinking about it, though, I have only one question: why didn’t someone come out with this before?  Details at the Boy Genius Report.

In other techy news, HD-DVD has returned.  What’s HD-DVD?  It was that rival to Blu-ray pronounced dead earlier this year.  I know, I’d forgotten about it already, too.  Apparently, Toshiba hadn’t forgotten about all of the money they poured into it and has found a way to resurrect it.  One more thing: it will be known as China Blue Hi-definition Disk in its resurrected life.  Details at ZDNet.

You have, no doubt, heard the legends of Chuck Norris.  There is now a new player on that block: Charles Nelson Reilly.  At least, that’s what JibJab and Weird Al would have you believe.  Nice effort, boys, but my money is still on the man who has counted to infinity.  Twice.

Finally, we’ve got real hair advice from real men, thanks to GQ

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