[TFL UPDATE] LEGO Winner plus the Best of the Web and TFL Community

A weekly update on what’s going on at THE FATHER LIFE and what we’ve found interesting on the web.

I’ll start this week with the winner of our LEGO giveaway: Aaron Griffith!  Aaron will be taking home the LEGO City Dozer Building Set and may even share it with his kids. Thank you to everyone who commented and tweeted this contest.  Keep watching for more great giveaways in THE FATHER LIFE!


The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board has launched cheeseandburger.com.  It’s not a good site to look at if you’re hungry – but beyond looking at the great burgers listed there, the real fun is listening to Patrick Warburton describe them.

There’s a new site dedicated two propositions: 1) Marmaduke is the worst comic known to man, and 2) funny deserves better.  Think you can make Marmaduke funny? Try your best at .

Wired.com has composed another great list for the internet: 10 Gadgets We’d Like to Throw Into a Black Hole. It’s an enjoyable read, though I’d like to add “anything ever produced by Packard Bell.”

This was tweeted by TFL earlier this week, but for those who missed it:  The AT-AT Imperial Loft Bed.  Simply awesome.

If you live in the Northeast US, the Fresh Air Fund could use your help.  They need host families for the end of summer.  More details at http://freshair-press.com.


Rich Batten has an insightful post on the impact father’s make in their families: Daddy, Dolls, and Fatherhood.

Plus, Abisko poses the following question:

Any suggestions on books about parenting, I know there are a lot of books about children up to year 1 but what about books for children 2 and up and how to raise them, discipline, child development etc.

If you’ve got a suggestion for Abisko, leave a response here: Books on Parenting Discussion.

That’s it for this week!

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