[TFL Update] Help Wanted!


• The world is reeling from the news of the recent deaths of celebrities – Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson.  Each was a legend in their own way.  Many others have provided the details of their passing, and still more have lauded their many accomplishments.  We at The Father Life extend our deepest sympathies to their families and their fans.

• One positive piece of news, though: Jeff Goldblum is not dead, contrary to what you may have heard on Twitter!

• Our fearless leader, TFL founder Ben Murphy, has re-launched his own website.  Check out the new home of American Artist Ben Murphy: killhype.com.

• I am very happy to report that The Father Life continues to grow!  As a result, I’m looking for more contributors in a few areas:

  1. TFL needs someone to write book reviews.  Publishers send me books all the time to be reviewed, but I rarely have time to get much reading in.  I need someone who can give a book a quick read and get a review written up pronto.  Time really is critical here.  But you can keep every book I send your way!
  2. Product reviewers are also needed.  All kinds of products get sent my way, but must of them revolve around babies/kids and resources parents can use with them.  I run into the time issue here, too, but my biggest problem is that my youngest is four – well beyond the age for many of these products.  I do receive some things that are not baby-centric, though, too, so if you are interested in being an official TFL Product Reviewer, regardless of what age your kids are, let me know!
  3. I also am looking for writers in some specific areas.  If you have a passion for cars, entertainment, relationships, food, or technology, let me know!

Check out our contribution guidelines first, then contact me at bmartin@thefatherlife.com if you are interested in any of the above!

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