TFL UPDATE:, Kids Eat Free, and more

First up this week, an exciting announcement from our founder about the launch of was born out of a need for an online site to find great info about involving our kids in the great outdoors. My wife and I are quite active and take our kids along with us biking, climbing, canoing, etc… And, as we traveled and looked for info online, we just weren’t finding it! There are so many really engaged families out there who take their kids out into the wild, and it seemed obvious that there should be some sort of website/community for us to all share our collective knowledge and experience. So, we launched, an organization connecting Families and the Great Outdoors!

CAMPERKIDS is a member-driven online community for info on everything from which trails are great, to where to stay, to where to eat… Our purpose is to 1.) connect active families, 2.) provide great info on outdoor activities, and 3.) promote a sense of conservation in our kids. As such, CAMPERKIDS includes info on everything from climbing and mountain biking, to camping, kayaking and even off-the-beaten-path swimming holes…

The more members has, the more great info at your disposal. So, join up! Spread the word! And contribute your knowledge and experience to our community. Thanks so much, and happy adventures!

– Ben Murphy, Founder, +

In other news from around the web, we at The Father Life were happy to learn this week that the White House has launched a fatherhood initiative through The Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.  You can find more info at

If you’re looking for a way to save some dough, check out  It’s a clearinghouse of “kids eat free” restaurants.  Find the closest “kids eat free” restaurant and find out when they’re giving away the food.  They have an iPhone/iPod  app, too.

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