TFL Update: Advice for Coach, Bizarre Stuff, IE 6 Must Die, and Your Shot at $5k

For those who don’t know, THE FATHER LIFE has another side:, a site where guys can create their own profiles, post blogs, pics, and videos, and join in discussion.  One of the guys at TFLcommunity, John Unsworth, is looking for advice on how to keep kids in youth baseball motivated even when they have a losing record.  Got any great words of wisdom?  Pop over to the Coaching Youth Baseball discussion at TFLcommunity!

In other news, did you know you can buy a battle tank online?  How about a replica Apollo 17 spacesuit?  One of my favorite internet discoveries of the week: 10 Bizarre Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy Online.  Thanks to @GuyKawasaki for bringing it to my attention!

If you’re one of the 15.8% of visitors to THE FATHER LIFE to still be using Internet Explorer 6, it’s time to make a change.  I don’t care if you upgrade to IE 7 or IE 8 or if you switch to Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Chrome, but you’ve got to make a change.  Why?  Because IE 6 must die.

Finally, the fine folks over at SanDisk have a great little summer promotion going on: win $5,000 for your video presenting 60 seconds of summer.  All the details can be found at – but if you win, you’ve got to split it with me, ok?

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