Exciting things continue to happen here at The Father Life!  Back in 2007 when we launched, there was a dearth of dad-centered content on the web.  That very fact was part of the reason we started The Father Life, but we weren’t alone in the observation or the response.  While websites for dads haven’t yet overtaken, say, websites devoted to instant weight loss scams, we’re getting closer!  “Daddy Bloggers” is a term that’s started to pop up in the media (thanks, “Mommy Bloggers,” for paving the way), and there’s even a dad blog convention coming up next year.

the best of the dad-o-sphere
the best of the dad-o-sphere

With all of that great dad content now on the web, we decided it was time to re-launch, a sister site (or should that be brother site?) to  The all-new features links to what we term “the best of the dad-o-sphere.”  You’ll find links to some of the great dad blogs as well as some of the more established dad-focused websites.  Bottom line, if you want to know what today’s dads on the web are saying today, you want  Check the site out today!

In other news, THE NFL IS BACK!!! You may or may not have noticed.  Just in case you missed it, THE NFL IS BACK!!!  Our sports editor, Chris Osburn, has already completed his much-anticipated Week 1 Power Rankings. Keep coming back each week to see how Chris ranks ’em, then leave him a comment to tell him the way it really should be.

Don’t forget to sign up for the GE Strong as Steel Sweepstakes on our front page.  You could win a new GE appliance for your home.  You can enter once a day, every day, until mid-November, so keep coming back and signing up!

In other news around the web, featured a couple of new/upcoming products that we found absolutely fascinating.  First up, the new iPod docking station from Bose.  The technology that goes into this thing is amazing.  Details here: Also, Volkswagen has announced that they’ll be mass-producing an electric car by 2013.  Could it be the Beetle of the 21st century?  Only time will tell.

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