TFL Recommends: 9 Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Is it self serving to post a list of Father’s Day gift suggestions in a magazine for dads?  Maybe.  Are we gonna do it anyway?  You bet!


1. What’s the science behind Tiger’s swing, Lance’s legs, or Andy Roddick’s serve?  I don’t know either, but I love books like this!  Why a Curveball Curves: The Incredible Science of Sports is a great choice for the sports enthusiast.

Available from: The Spoon Sisters

Price: $19.95


2. If you have a first-time dad on your shopping list, this may be the perfect choice: The Baby Owner’s Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble Shooting & First-Year Maintenance. Anatomically correct schematics included at no extra charge.  Now where was this when my first one came along?

Available from: The Spoon Sisters

Price: $15.95


3. These aren’t just cuff links—they’re a piece of baseball history. Crafted of salvaged seats from America’s most famous and beloved stadiums, the Stadium Cuff Links are one of a kind.  Nine stadiums to choose from.  Perfect for the die-hard fan.

Available from: Red Envelope

Price: $149.95 to $229.95


4. Magazine subscriptions are always a great gift. While other print publications seem to be fading away, Wired continues to excel and stay relevant.  It’s a great mix of geeky news and prescient commentary.  Plus, it’s inexpensive!  One year = $10!

Available from: Condé Nast

Price: $10.00


5. Everyone has a thumb drive, but does yours offer a military strength double encrypted password?  Nearly impossible to hack hardware?  Virtually indestructible construction? Completely private encrypted web browsing from any PC? Pick up the IronKey, quite possibly the most awesome thumb drive ever.  Oh yeah, it’s water resistant, too.

Available from: ThinkGeek

Price: $69.99 to $139.99


6. Our sports editor, Chris Osburn, says, “I just got one of these coffee makers and it’s freakin’ amazing. All you need to do is put a k-cup in, pour water in and turn it on. Magical!”  The Keurig Mini Brewing System brings gourmet coffee to locations where a compact size and minimal features are ideal.

Available from: Keurig

Price: $79.95


7. Netbooks are all the rage, and the Acer Aspire One is a relatively powerful and cheap accessory to anyone who has a need to stay connected.  Great for just checking emails, keeping up with scores, or updating your Facebook status while watching Wall-E for the 12th time.

Available from:

Price: $329.99


8. Almost everyone has had a Swiss Army knife in their life – or at least something that resembled one.  Why not upgrade to the real deal?  The exclusive Swiss Army Soldier Knife has 10 different tools.

Available from: Victorinox

Price: $58.00


9. The tie is the iconic Father’s Day gift, and if you’re going to go with a classic icon, it’s gotta be Brooks Brothers. It’s still hand-woven in England, but now the silk is treated to resist liquids and stains.  High-tech and high fashion, all in one.

Available from: Brooks Brothers

Price: $75.00

9 thoughts on “TFL Recommends: 9 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. I agree – Yankee Stadium cuff links would be the perfect Father’s Day gift – and the least practical. But that’s what makes them fun!

  2. These are great ideas 🙂 I have one to add on: I just bought the book “The 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live” for my father for Father’s Day and it’s really great!! I got it on but I think you can get it at any major bookstore.

    It’s a compilation of all these really great sporting events that ranks them and gives you insider tips on the events, how to get there, where to stay, etc.

    A great gift for any sports dad!!

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