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[GAME REVIEW] Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Ghostbusters: The Video Game succeeds in the end by simply feeling right. Whether on 360, PS3 or Nintendo Wii, the game has enough of that Ghostbuster spirit from the movie to be forgiven it’s slightly derivative game play. Not quite Batman: Arkham Asylum but cut from the same cloth.

[GAME REVIEW] Is Fight Night Round 4 a Knockout?

Fight Night Round 4 on 360 and PS3 aims to provide realistic boxing action on the big consoles. The sequel to the popular Fight Night Round 3, it offers plenty of options and moments of boxing history for fans. But for me, it completely lacked the juxtaposition of beauty and brutality that so transfixes me when watching the real sport. It’s quite an enjoyable game against friends, but played alone it lacks heart and stymies progress.