[COMMENTARY] Being Grown Up

Something about spring seems to turn my mind towards writing these editorials. It’s a good time of year to take stock before the games start flying in. Again I find myself starting a new season of thoughts, ideas and observations about family gaming. Having spent some time today reading through the last couple of seasons, I realised that although some wide ranging themes were covered

[GAMING] Killzone 2

Republished with permission of game reviews. Killzone 2 is a shooting game that to some extent is aimed at combating the system selling success of the Halo franchise on the 360. Along with Resistance 2 PS3, it provides some […]

[GAMING] Far Cry 2

Although this at first glance appears to be yet another addition to what seems to have been the year of the sequel, Far Cry 2 actually has absolutely nothing to do with the original Far Cry from 2004. Instead the […]