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[REVIEW] WOOHOOO!! Buckaroo!!

I’ve said in the past that Toy Story 3 + Anything = Awesome. This week, I put the Milton Bradley game, Buckaroo, to the test. To help me, I enlisted my trusty examiners, also known as my wife, my eight year old daughter and six year old son. So on a Sunday night, we pealed off the shrink wrap and started evaluating the game based on the fiercely loyal and lovable character, Bullseye.

[REVIEW] Toy Story 3 + Anything = Awesome, But What About Yahtzee?

Toy Story 3 Yahtzee Jr

The biggest thing going on at our house right now is Toy Story 3. My son turned six last week, and it has been Toy Story mania. After a weekend of the 3D movie, toys, books, and a Toy Story Lego themed birthday, Yahtzee Jr for Toy Story 3 showed up on our door step. Within the hour, we sat down to play the game. Let me preface that this is my first encounter with Yahtzee. I’ve always known it was a dice game, but never knew the intricacies of the rules. My wife and filled me in on the original version for a frame of reference.

Best Poker iPhone Apps

Republished with permission of game reviews. A search for ‘poker’ in the iPhone App Store will swiftly confirm that the iPlatform has not escaped the craze. A multitude of apps for playing on various online free-play sites, calculating the […]

[GAME REVIEW] Is Fight Night Round 4 a Knockout?

Fight Night Round 4 on 360 and PS3 aims to provide realistic boxing action on the big consoles. The sequel to the popular Fight Night Round 3, it offers plenty of options and moments of boxing history for fans. But for me, it completely lacked the juxtaposition of beauty and brutality that so transfixes me when watching the real sport. It’s quite an enjoyable game against friends, but played alone it lacks heart and stymies progress.