Floored By Fatherhood

The instant I saw my daughter’s face for the first time, I almost fell over. Slammed directly in the chest with the proverbial two by four, I stood there enamored, trying to breathe. I stammered out her name in a […]

Why Teens Need Dads

When our kids are young they think we dads are gods (well, for the most part anyway). We’re smart, strong, handsome… it’s really nice, isn’t it? But, come the teen years, things can get complicated despite the best of intentions. […]

REALLY Be There, Dad

Spending time with our children is obviously a huge part of ensuring a child’s self-worth as they grow. When we are spending that time with our children though, are we truly engaged with them or just taking up space in […]

The Juggle

Today’s fathers are more and more involved in their kid’s lives. As school starts back up and calendars fill with work and extracurricular activities, the logistics of day to day life can get a little crazy! How does a guy […]