Stocking Stuffer Idea: Pewter Warrior Pendants

A great part of being a part of The Father Life community is the chance to find out about and review cool stuff.

The pendants offered by the fine folks at Duncroft Masterworks ( most certainly at at the top of that list. They have a great selection of high quality, pewter pendants for guys from teens on up. I was given the chance to check out 3 of them: the Roman Eagle, Thor’s Hammer, & the Spartan Wall.

Each came to me in it’s own necklace box with a neat poem card about the piece in the box. The designs are cool and look like something that could/would have been of the period. They look like they might be antique pieces at first look. Well supported on black cord with a secure clasp (very important), they are durable enough for daily wear. If you have teen boys like I do that are into the whole ancient world, mythology type books, movies, and the like they will love these. They only minor thing I would like to see is a bit longer cord offered for larger neck sizes.

Marc Murphy has fantastic customer service and really cares about each customer. He included a hand-signed thank you letter a nice touch. At $24.95 each these are great little gifts for yourself or someone else. Stuff someones stocking with a cool gift today.

Rick Vandermeulen received items for review but was not compensated in any other way. The opinions are his alone.

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