[SPORTS] NFL Powers Rankings: Week 8

Team TW LW
1 2 Myron Pryor was fined for a “legal” hit. Is this the beginning of the National Flag Football League?
2 1 I used to hate Troy Polamalu before his shampoo commercials. Now I only strongly dislike his hair.
3 3 Mark Sanchez is going to be fined by the Jets every time he slumps his shoulders. How about when he eats hot dogs on the sidelines during games?
4 4 Speaking of Will Forte. I saw Macgruber and I give it a rating of “unwatchable”. Good thing I have Netflix.
5 5 I just realized that my power rankings are extra sarcastic this week. I teared up when I watched UP. See, I’m just a big softy.
6 6 This week’s Chuck Norris award winner: Clint Sessions broke his arm and dislocated his elbow….and kept playing.
7 9 It took overtime for the Chiefs to beat the Bills, is that really something to be proud of?
8 10 Osi Umenyiora is…my least favorite NFL name to spell.
9 7 Do you think that Randy Moss will actually start trying now that he is the most talented receiver on a potential playoff team? Yea, me neither.
10 8 Really Houston? Will you ever just win enough games to easily make the playoffs? Why the cardiac kids act?
11 17 Does anyone other than me realize that the Buccaneers are 5-2?
12 11 Talk about excitement…and your conversation won’t mention the Packers 9-0 win over the Jets.
13 16 Are the Saints back or should we just ignore their Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde season?
14 13 The ‘Fins are hanging in there in the AFC East. They are like a barnacle on a yacht owned by the Jets that is being driven by the Patriots.
15 14 The Seahawks just might find a way to luck into winning the worst division in all of American sports.
16 12 Do you think the Bears are going to like house-sitting in Toronto this weekend? Uhhh yeah.
17 18 Big Eagles New: Jon Runyan was just elected to congress in New Jersey. No comment yet from Snookie.
18 15 Derek Anderson back at QB, eh? I guess it could be worse, you could have to turn to Matt Leinart.
19 19 Freddie Mitchell must not have seen Bambi as a kid. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.
20 20 Time for the Chargers to stop messing around. I’ve been waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out at the end of every game and tell us we’ve been Punk’d.
21 24 How about this AFC South, ya’ll? The Jags are in last place at 4-4. Everyone is a contender for the division.
22 23 I predict that the Thanksgiving will come early when the Rams feast on the ‘Niners after having an extra week to prep.
23 25 When did the Raiders become a playoff contender?
24 22 Don’t count the Vikings out just yet. I’m still waiting on LL Cool J to show up later in the season.
25 21 The Browns are who we thought they were.
26 26 I think we can safely say that the ‘Boys are the most disappointing team in the NFL this season.
27 27 At least TO and OchoCinco’s TV show is entertaining.
28 28 Thanks for putting on a show in London…and actually winning (Thank you for correcting me, Jillian Melnyk).
29 29 Is it time to let someone other than the Lions play on Thanksgiving every year? How about the Patriots or Colts?
30 30 Jake “The Snake” Plummer is living it up in Idaho playing handball while rocking a sweet beard and headband combo.
31 31 The Panthers are indeed still terrible.
32 32 Will picking up Shawne Merriman cost the Bills the first overall pick?

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