[SPORTS] NFL Power Rankings: Week 9

Team TW LW
1 2 Back on top only because the Pats lost to the Browns. Yuck!
2 3 The Jets are the best team in the AFC East. There, I said it.
3 4 Big Thursday night win against the Ravens.
4 1 What happened against the Brownies? Did they sneak Justin Bieber in instead of T-Brady?
5 8 Reuben Droughns is coaching football in Serbia. “I have to leave because I’m going to go coach football in Serbia” sounds like an excuse to get out of jury duty.
6 5 Ravens fans, maybe you think Roddy White cheated. Well…he did.
7 6 Somehow Peyton Manning is the 14th smartest American athlete. You’ll be happy to know that he only received a 1030 on his SAT’s. Ryan Fitzpatrick got 1580.
8 9 Better get your popcorn ready. It’s Randy Moss time in the Music City.
9 7 How good are the Chiefs really?
10 12 The Packers are one win away from being bowl eligible.
11 13 I’m really glad to see the Saints finally playing like the Super Bowl champs.
12 11 When I think of tax laws I think of former Buc Keyshawn Johnson.
13 16 Jim McMahon says his memory is pretty much gone. Hopefully that means that he forgot about “The Super Bowl Shuffle”.
14 17 Mike Vick looks just like the explosive QB we loved on the Falcons.
15 10 Where did this Arian Foster character come from and when did he become the best runningback in the NFL?
16 14 Channing Crowder thinks Anne Frank is Helen Keller.
17 15 Two blowout losses in a row. They must be delighted to be playing the Cards this weekend.
18 20 The Chargers WILL make the playoffs.
19 19 Why does anyone care what hat Kid Bro Sweets wears after practice?
20 21 This week’s most inaccurate name: Jags offensive tackle Guy Whimper.
21 22 Can the Rams make the playoffs? I think it’s very possible, but unlikely.
22 23 The Raiders are over .500 for the first time since their Super Bowl season in 2003.
23 25 You know you had a good week when the only offensive thing about the Browns that people are talking about is Rex Ryan’s imitation of his brother.
24 18 Do you think Larry Fitzgerald misses Anquan Boldin? Maybe just a little.
25 24 Has there ever been a worse coach than Brad Childress? Yes, everyone who has coached the Bills since Wade Phillips left.
26 27 The Bungles lost their 200th game since 1991. That’s an overall record of 113-200-1. Ewww.
27 28 What’s more disappointing: the niners, the cowboys or this season of It’s always sunny in Philadelphia?
28 29 This week’s sign that the Apocalypse is upon us: Ndamukung Suh attempted (and missed) an extra point on Sunday.
29 30 Yes, I do think it’s about time Tebow writes a book.
30 26 Bye Bye Wade Phillips. Too bad it wasn’t your fault.
31 31 Captain Munnerlyn has potentially the best name in the history of sports…besides God Shamgod.
32 32 What are the chances that Shawne Merriman never plays a down for the Bills?

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