[SPORTS] NFL Power Rankings: Week 9


Team TW LW
1 1 Will the Packers still be undefeated when they enter the Lions’ den in two weeks?
2 3 Where did this 49ers team come from? This is the most surprisingly good team since The Bad News Bears.
3 4 Big game against Hotlanta this week.
4 5 Nickelback is playing at halftime of the Lions’ Thanksgiving game. They would save money and have better music if they paid a two-year old to bang two metal pans together for ten minutes.
5 6 The Steelers may think that Joe Flacco is a “little girl”, but he still got the best of them last weekend.
6 8 The Bengals are really good even though Mike Brown seems to try hard to make them bad. He would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling kids and their dog.
7 9 The Giants are a playoff team, but Eli Manning is still as elite as a guest list at Applebee’s.
8 11 Ben Roethlisberger looks more and more like Shrek every day. I wonder if he even knows this.
9 2 Two losses in a row? I thought there was an NFL rule that made it illegal for the Patriots to lose two games in a row.
10 12 Dustin Keller’s favorite band must be Tear For Fears because he went “Head over heels” against the Bills.
11 14 Have the Texans finally turned the corner? Maybe, this is the first time the franchise has ever started 6-3.
12 13 The Falcons got the job done last week against the Colts, but so has everyone else so far.
13 16 Uh oh, the Bears have figured out how to protect Jay Cutler.
14 10 Once again, the Bills show why they haven’t made the playoffs since TLC’s “No Scrubs” was tearing up the charts.
15 15 It looks like Carson Palmer finally figured out the Raiders playbook. That’s bad newsfor AFC West opponents.
16 17 The Cowboys new stadium was built on top of Fred Jackson’s childhood home. You better hope he isn’t mad about that. Just like the Incredible Hulk, you wouldn’t like Fred Jackson when he’s angry.
17 19 The Bucs just signed a stud defensive tackle…oh wait, never mind. It’s just Albert Haynesworth.
18 18 I’m getting tired of Chris Johnson’s evil twin brother suiting up for the Titans. He might be the worst starting running back in the NFL right now.
19 7 The Chargers are horrible right now, but at Least AC Slater still loves them.
20 20 The curse of the “dream team” continues for yet another week.
21 22 What the what?Kansas Citywas the hottest team in the NFL until they got embarrassed by the winless Dolphins.
22 21 Will the ‘Skins finally get off their 4 game shnide this week in Miami? I bet they won’t.
23 23 Drew Carrey’s haircut on The Price Is Right makes me uncomfortable.
24 28 Fact: Tim Tebow is only good at football every other week.
25 24 I think Seattle’s Mike Williams should battle Tampa’s Mike Williams and the loser has to change his name to Chip Whitley.
26 25 On this veterans day weekend I want to stop with the jokes and snarky comments for one moment to thank Pat Tillman and every other soldier who has given his or her life so I can write this sentence.
27 26 Jags receiver Cecil Shorts should open a clothing store and only sell shorts. He could call it “Cecil’s Shorts”.
28 27 Cam Newton’s numbers are practically identical to Mike Vick’s this season and he’s only a rookie.
29 29 The only thing that AP has purchased since signing a new contract was ear plugs so he doesn’t have to hear people talk about how terrible the Vikes are.
30 30 Tony Sparano is the second least liked coach in the NFL. Maybe if he tries real hard he can be #1 some day.
31 31 Well, at least your baseball team is good.
32 32 Colts are now in complete control of the “suck for Luck” sweepstakes.


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