[SPORTS] NFL Power Rankings: Week 7

Team TW LW
1 1 In a topsy turvy season, the Steelers are a solid as an iron girder.
2 2 Does Tom Brady still have that long hair? He should be Justin Bieber for Halloween.
3 3 The Jets: Proving Chris’ preseason preview more correct every day.
4 4 Are the Falcons really the best team in the NFC? It’s time for someone to step up.
5 5 From now on we should just call him Joe “The Situation” Flacco.
6 7 How long until we find out that Peyton Manning is an evil wizard from the future bent on global domination.
7 9 Kerry Collins should be the crypt keeper for Halloween. Zing!
8 8 Ok, I’ll say it. This is finally the year the Texans make the playoffs. They are too good not to.
9 14 The Chiefs #1 rushing offense will have a tough task this week against the Bills #32 rush defense. Tee Hee.
10 16 Are the G-men ready to step up and take over the NFC East?
11 10 The League has officially surpassed It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in the comedy department.
12 11 Daaaaa Bears…are not very fun to watch because you never know what team will show up.
13 12 For Halloween, the whole team should wear special uniforms that don’t look like a blazer worn by Don Johnson.
14 15 The Seahawks are 4-2? Man, Pete Carroll could coach a roster of USFL players and still make the playoffs.
15 17 New nickname day: Max “Michael C.” Hall.
16 6 From the lets add insult to injury files: Reggie Bush may be suspended by the NFL for receiving gifts and cash in college.
17 19 Out of every team I follow in sports, I’m counting on the Bucs to actually make the playoffs.
18 13 The teams in the middle are the hardest ones to write about. I can’t praise them, but I can’t make fun of them either.
19 20 Laron Landry has a handshake that has nine steps. I have a sweet one step handshake that I call “The handshake”. I’m an innovator.
20 18 #1 in offense + #1 in defense = 2-5? I was never good at math, but this is ridiculous.
21 30 The Browns put their Halloween costumes on a week early. They were dressed as players who know how to win.
22 21 One of my friends is going to be Brett Favre for Halloween and you can thank SNL for the vision.
23 22 This Sam Bradford kid is pretty good. I can say “kid” because I’m 29. It’s one of the perks.
24 26 The Jags are like a tight rope walker trying to carry an elephant between two buildings.
25 27 When did the Raiders start playing college football? 59 points, are you kidding me?
26 25 No mo Romo. No mo season.
27 24 This combination of TO and OchoCinco hasn’t worked out as well as the Bungles hoped.
28 28 The Niners are a bigger disappointment than Macgruber.
29 29 Whos excited for the upcoming Bills/Lions game? That’s right, nobody.
30 23 Good timing Broncos. You get stomped by the Raiders and now you and the niners are representing the NFL in London.
31 31 How do you spell “win streak”? Well, I just spelled it so I’m not going to do it again.
32 32 The Bills may be horrible, but Stevie Johnson is on the verge of becoming a star.

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