[SPORTS] NFL Power Rankings: Week 6

Team TW LW
1 1 James Harrison is a cry baby and nobody outside of Pittsburgh would blink if he retired.
2 4 Brandon Meriweather definitely had the dirtiest hit on Sunday, but at least he apologized.
3 5 Who’s going to win the East, the Jets or the Pats?
4 2 Falcons have to beat a hungry Bengals team after losing to the Eagles.
5 3 How about the Ravens start their third stringers against the University of Buffalo Bills?
6 7 The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde routine continues.
7 9 Pat McAfee likes the sauce and he likes to swim. Those two things shouldn’t go together.
8 10 Texans finally starting to look like a playoff team…only three years later than expected.
9 11 Why was Jeff Fisher asked to call unnecessary timeouts on Monday night football?
10 8 Something is rotten in Lambeauville. Two straight losses make me wonder what is going on.
11 6 When is Devin Hester going to become a reliable receiver?
12 13 Made a big statement in beating the Pack on Sunday.
13 15 If last week was an Always Sunny episode it would have been “The gang wonders why Mike Vick was late to the game.”
14 12 Just like the Bucs, I don’t expect the Chiefs to make the playoffs.
15 16 Look up “The Man” in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of Ben Hamilton.
16 21 Notre Dame is playing Navy at the New Meadowlands right now and my brother is there. Sadly, I’m here typing this.
17 22 It’s like Déjà vu all over again. The Cardinals aren’t good, but they’ll still win the West.
18 14 Vincent Jackson is finally reporting to the ‘Bolts, but the damage is done.
19 17 Only Carolina is more scared of the end zone then the bucs.
20 23 Wow, I thought Joey Galloway retired ten years ago.
21 25 The Vikings WILL make the playoffs.
22 28 What is the deal with the Rams? Are they good or not?
23 19 Tebow Time? Come on!!!
24 20 Terrell Owens was voted (by the players) the most overrated player in the NFL. He’s pretty darn good for a thirty-six year old.
25 18 What is wrong with the Cowboys? I blame Cliff Lee.
26 24 Your eyes weren’t deceiving you, that was Trent Edwards playing most of the game for the Jags on Monday night.
27 27 This doesn’t have anything to do with the Raiders, but did you know Eric Stoltz was supposed to play Marty Mcfly?
28 T32 I guess we can finally concede that Alex Smith is officially a bust.
29 26 The Lions are the best 1-5 team I’ve ever seen.
30 29 Q: How many QB’s does it take to be 1-5? A: Who cares.
31 T32 The battle for the #1 overall pick continues.
32 T32 The Bills didn’t lose this past weekend…because they didn’t have a game.

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