[SPORTS] NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

Team TW LW
1 2 The Steel town boys are back on top because they had a bye and it seems like everyone else lost.
2 4 “Rowdy” Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez are a crazy good receiving combo.
3 5 Would the real T.J. Houshmandzadeh please stand up?
4 6 Even Justin Bieber is making fun of Tom Brady’s hair. Good thing there is no reason for us to make fun of Beiber’s bowl cut.
5 7 I feel like the Jets will finally make their way to the top of my rankings in the next few weeks.
6 11 Am I the first person to reference Johnny Knox “Ville”? Just in time for Jackass 3D.
7 1 The Saints are looking more like the ‘Aints every week.
8 3 Sad to see Jermichael Finley shelved for the next three months. He’s one of the most exciting Tight Ends in the NFL.
9 8 Austin “Border” Collie is only 230 yards away from the 676 receiving yards he had in 16 games last season.
10 9 Is there a more inconsistent talented team in professional sports than Houston?
11 10 Tennessee has no semblance of a passing game, but they have Chris Johnson so nobody cares.
12 12 The Chiefs are the last undefeated team to fall.
13 13 “Run Ricky Run” was my favorite 30 for 30. Great show.
14 14 Where will Shawne Merriman end up? We know he’s done with the Bolts.
15 15 The Eagles really need Mike Vick back. Anyone who though that Kevin Kolb was good is an idiot.
16 20 More Golden Tate, less Mike Williams.
17 22 The Bucs finally beat a good team (Cincy). Who’s next, New Orleans? Are they still good?
18 17 What do the Cowboys have to do to win a game?
19 18 I bet Jeremy McDaniel is glad he traded Peyton Hillis for Brady Quinn.
20 16 How Ironic: Pacman Jones was arrested on an outstanding warrant by another man named Adam Jones. It’s not like it’s a common name or anything.
21 21 Is this how good the G-men are or was this another fluke?
22 24 I like this Max “Anthony Michael” Hall. They should call his offensive line the breakfast club.
23 25 Devin Thomas says the Redskins cut him because of a saucy music video he starred in…not because he’s completely terrible and has a bad attitude.
24 26 The Jaguars are moving on up to a deluxe apartment…higher up in the rankings.
25 19 It looks like the Karma Police struck again. Brett Favre got hit in the junk by a random football in practice the other day.
26 30 Alphonso “Ribeiro” Smith did the Carlton dance after scoring a touchdown on Sunday.
27 27 Does Oakland really still have a team? You’re kidding right?
28 23 Yea, the Rams really didn’t get good all of a sudden.
29 29 This Peyton Hillis character is pretty good, eh?
T32 28 Glen Coffee retired from the NFL to become a preacher. That’s strange since he just got arrested for carrying a concealed weapon.
T32 31 If the Panthers get the #1 pick will they draft a QB even though they have ‘Lil Jimmy Clausen?
T32 32 The most exciting event on the horizon for Bills fans is the draft. Too bad they have to wait for these pesky games to be played.

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