[SPORTS] NFL Power Rankings: Week 4

Team TW LW
1 2 The ‘Aints are back in first by default. Let’s see how long they’ll stay here.
2 1 I think everyone is fairly happy with Pittsburgh’s 3-1 start sans Ben Roethlisberger.
3 3 This has nothing to do with the Packers or the NFL, but, Carl Pavano has a sweet, dirty mustache.
4 5 Someone needs to bring back “the dirty bird” ASAP.
5 7 Are the Ravens the most complete team in the NFL?
6 9 Are the Pats really OK with Wes Welker being their #1 receiver? Don’t they need more than the World’s greatest possession receiver?
7 10 Darrelle Revis talks a lot of crap for someone who hasn’t played since being embarrassed by Randy Moss in week 2.
8 4 Reggie Wayne and Austin Collie are #1 and #3 in receiving yards in the NFL. But they still lost to the Jaguars.
9 11 Arian Foster is a beast, but where is Andre “I’m the best wideout in the NFL” Johnson?
10 6 Didn’t Chuck Cecil learn anything from Bud Adams?
11 8 Todd Collins is starting for the Bears this week. Yes, THAT Todd Collins. I thought he retired ten years ago.
12 14 Yes, the Chiefs had a bye and are now the NFL’s only undefeated team.
13 12 The Dolphins are just barely not as good as the Patriots. Just barely.
14 13 Finally looked “Super” on Sunday, but is Shawne Merriman on the way out?
15 16 How long is Mike Vick out? Better not be long.
16 15 Terrell Owens has 374 yards receiving after only four games. He only had 829 in 16 last year.
17 19 Tony Romo has been a pretty solid quarterback for my fantasy team. Too bad the rest of my team is injured. I’m talking to you, Clinton Portis and Ryan Mathews.
18 20 Laurence Maroney, 5 yards on 11 carries. Really? Ruben Studdard could run for at least 10 yards behind that line.
19 17 Randy Moss should dye his hair blonde like Simon Phoenix and yell “I’m a blast from the past!” the first time he enters the Vikes locker room.
20 21 It’s time for Beast Mode in Seattle. Let’s see if he minds his manners now that he’s back on the left coast.
21 22 Ahmad “Leon Lett” Bradshaw fumbled while looking at himself on the big screen. Only in New York.
22 23 Prediction: 2-1 Tampa won’t make the playoffs.
23 28 The NFC West is so bad that the Rams are actually tied for first place.
24 18 It’s time for the Max Hall show in Arizona. Also known as the “No other options” Show.
25 24 Very glad to see that McNabb, unlike Santa Claus, heard no boo-birds on Sunday.
26 26 Why the heck did David Garrard have to go ahead and play well last week? I really wanted to see Trent Edwards start against the Bills.
27 27 Is Al Davis still alive? Does he even realize he still owns the team? Does he think Robert Gallery is Andre the Giant?
28 25 Remember Merton Hanks’ pigeon dance when he was on the Niners? That was amazing.
29 32 T.J. Ward is the new “mistake by the lake”.
30 29 Jahvid “the” Best and only reason to watch the Lions.
31 30 Whose worse, Buffalo or Carolina? Too bad we’ll never know. Ok, it’s Buffalo.
32 31 The Buffalo Fire sale continues. At this rate, there will be a Tim Horton’s instead of a stadium at one Bills Drive next year.

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