[SPORTS] NFL Power Rankings: Week 4




Team TW LW
1 1 There are only two undefeated teams left. Two men enter. One man leaves. There can be only one Highlander.
2 8 How awesome would it be if the Lions and Packers were both undefeated when they play on Thanksgiving?
3 2 The Saints have steamrolled the competition since their week one defeat at the hands of the Packers.
4 6 Cheers to patriot’s RB Eric Kettani for being a real patriot and leaving the team for the navy this week.
5 5 How can the Texans function without Andre Johnson? It’s like the Beavers beating the Dragons without Teen wolf.
6 7 Michael Oher tweeted that he doesn’t know who this Steve Jobs character was. Not surprisingly his tweet was sent from an iphone.
7 9 The Chargers are like the TV show Californication. Nobody talks about them, but they’re awesome.
8 3 I know the Bills already beat the Pats, but if they can handle Mike Vick I’ll get on the playoff bandwagon.
9 4 Will the Jets losing streak hit three this week agains the Patriots?
10 10 Really? The Redskins are this good with Rex Grossman at quarterback?
11 13 Do you think Jeremy Trueblood would rather have Sookie end up with Eric or Bill?
12 16 If he keeps playing like this, people might actually know who Victor Cruz is one of these days.
13 17 The Niners just might be for real. That’s bad news for the rest of the NFC West.
14 20 Titans safety Tommie Campbell was cleaning toilets in Pittsburgh two years ago. Now, he’s going clean some Steeler’s receiver’s clocks.
15 11 “Al Davis makes Darth Vader look like a wimp. “— Hunter S. Thompson. RIP. We’ll miss your famous sunglasses.
16 12 You can’t make this up: Troy Polamalu stood in for his wax statue at Madam Tussauds and scared the crap out of people for fun.
17 15 The ‘Boys are still America’s favorite team. In a related story, Tony Romo is America’s least favorite clumsy, choke artist.
18 14 Hey, Jason Babin. What kind of puppet is Roger Goodell? Hopefully a Fraggle. I love those guys.
19 18 Are the Falcons going to ever look like a playoff team?
20 19 Uh oh, Chicago’s O-line better learn how to block because the Lions are finally letting Nick Fairley run wild this week.
21 23 Peyton Hillis was put on the injured reserve this week with a “case of the sniffles”.
22 27 The Bengals have the best defense in the NFL. Who knew?
23 22 The idea that the Cards would be talented enough to make the playoff this year was just a mirage in the desert.
24 24 Seattle still has a football team? I thought they moved to Oklahoma City a few years back.
25 26 Cam Newton is now a bigger deal than pulled pork in the Carolina’s.
26 25 I think the fans are going to revolt and take over the team if his royal majesty Tim of the house of Tebow isn’t made the starter soon.
27 21 Congratulations on being picked as the least favorite team in America. Nobody likes you.
28 29 Chad Henne is out for the year. Who’s going to play QB for them now, Vinny Testaverde?
29 31 Will the Colts get their first win this week against the Chiefs? Well, it’s either now or never.
30 28 Bernard Berrian really can’t take a joke. I also really hope he doesn’t read this and get mad at me.
31 32 The chiefs rushing attack has been harder to watch than the new NBC show Whitney.
32 30 I’ve never heard of any of the Rams receiver and neither has Sam Bradford.


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