[SPORTS] NFL Power Rankings: Week 13

Team TW LW
1 1 Will the Pats defense lose a step without Brandon Spikes? Probably not. Bill Belichick could mold a can of Busch’s Baked Beans into a pro bowler.
2 3 Newspaper headline that should have been: Terrible cameraman given game ball by Falcons after win.
3 5 Ben Roethlisberg and Owen Wilson now have a lot more in common than they did last week.
4 6 Doing their best Thom Yorke imitation, the Saints continue to creep up the rankings. They are just about where they belong finally.
5 4 LeBron James bashed former Ravens Super Bowl champion quarterback Trent Dilfer on twitter. It would be different if anyone in the World cared what James thinks.
6 7 I’ve said it before, but how good are the Bears? Holy surprise NFL playoff team, Batman.
7 8 Mike Vick leads Pro Bowl voting. That is definitely a positive statement that we are realizing that people can make terrible mistakes and learn from them and change.
8 9 I really wish I didn’t cancel HBO so I could watch the documentary “Lombardi”. It looks awesome.
9 2 Rex Ryan says he buried the game ball after the loss to the Pats, but all he really did was tuck it under his shirt and it disappeared forever.
10 10 Who cares about the Giants? The Knicks are 15-9!
11 11 Chiefs fans pretend they are Eagles fans if you flub the national anthem.
12 12 Don’t get too cocky, Manning. You beat the Titans (barely) on Thursday night to get back over .500.
13 13 Most beautiful uniforms in sports history: The Buccaneers’ creamsicle orange throwbacks.
14 14 The Super Chargers are going to be tough to handle if they can put it together and make the playoffs.
15 15 Who would have guessed the Jags would be leading the AFC South this late in the season? Nobody, we all thought they’d be dead last.
16 16 The Dolphins still think they can make the playoffs. Poor, Snowflake.
17 18 I’m pretty sure the ‘Hawks are kind of glad they traded for Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch now.
18 19 The Raiders are back on the winning track. They might have to run the table to get to the big dance.
19 22 From worst to first in one season? We’ll know for sure in a few weeks.
20 23 Peyton Hillis is about to become the first white runningback to rush for over 1,000 yards since Craig James twenty-three years ago.
21 17 Explain to me how Kerry Collins can still play QB for the Titans while getting an AARP discount at Applebees?
22 20 Albert Haynesworth was suspended for the rest of the season for being a giant (literally) baby.
23 21 Texans are turning into the Cubs of the NFL. Always overhyped and always disappointing.
24 25 Maybe someday Tarvaris Jackson will be a star. He showed us a nice little preview last weekend.
25 24 Rest in Peace “Dandy” Don Meredith. Anyone who can make Howard Cosell tolerable is truly an American hero.
26 27 Niners can still win the terrible NFC West.
27 29 Will Arthur Moats go down in history as the man who finally ended this annoying Brett Favre sideshow?
28 26 I heard that the new quarterback for the Cardinals is named Jack Skellington. Am I wrong or have I watched one of my favorite holidays films too many times?
29 28 After the firing of Josh Mcdaniels, the team will now be paying three coaches next season. Mike Shanahan, Mcdaniels and whoever they choose to captain the Lusitania.
30 30 What is wrong with the Bengals? Do they want a top three pick? I don’t get it.
31 31 Ndamukong Suh should be crowned the ultra-ultra-heavyweight UFC champion after that hit on Jay-Cut.
32 32 Still in last place? The Panthers were lucky to get that one win early because there probably won’t be any others.

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