[SPORTS] NFL Power Rankings: Week 12

Team TW LW
1 1 Tom Brady doesn’t care what you think: He’s the new face of Uggs.
2 2 Monday night match up with NE is one of the biggest regular season games in NFL history.
3 3 Why has no one heeded my desire for the return of “the dirty bird”? Where is Jamal Anderson?
4 5 Winner of the Captain Obvious award: Terrell Suggs for saying that the NFL favors Brady and Manning over everyone else.
5 4 The Steelers were two Palmolive covered hands away from losing to the Bills in OT.
6 7 Congratulations to Drew Brees for being named Sports Illustrated’s sportsman of the year.
7 10 The bears are like the bizarro cowboys. Nobody expected the ‘boys to be this bad and nobody expected da’ bears to be this good.
8 11 Mike Vick might be the most athletic player to ever snap the football in the NFL.
9 6 Close loss to Hotlanta, but proved that they belong.
10 12 Antrel Rolle needs to realize that being in the military is a lot more important than being a silly professional athlete.
11 13 It’s good to know that Matt Cassel finally realized that Dwayne Bowe is on his team.
12 8 Peyton Manning is so busy making TV commercials that he clearly has no time left to practice.
13 9 Will the bucs make the playoffs and than lose 59-0? Probably.
14 14 Why do the Chargers do this to their fans every season? They start off so poorly and then start romping people.
15 15 Are the jags headed to the playoffs? Looks that way.
16 17 Sorry, Dolphins. You still play in the AFC East and only get to play the Bills once more.
17 16 Maybe if the Titans and Texans weren’t such disappointments they wouldn’t have to have slap fights during games.
18 18 Will the Seahawks win the NFC West with a 7-9 record and steal a playoff spot from a team with four more wins?
19 19 Can the Raiders get out of their shnide against the Bolts? The Magic eight ball says, “Outlook not so good”.
20 20 I am glad I don’t live in DC so I don’t have to watch boring football played by people wearing 1970’s football player costumes.
21 21 Sorry, Texans fans. It’s just not going to happen this season.
22 22 Holy season turnaround, Batman: The Rams still look like a playoff team to me.
23 23 Peyton Hillis had 54 yards rushing in 14 games last year. He has 905 in 11 this season (plus 405 receiving).  Someone stop Josh McDaniels from banging his head on a table.
24 24 Dez Bryant needs to “hug it out” every now and then.
25 26 Are the Vikings the underdog against the Bills? Probably.
26 25 Derek Anderson’s beard makes him angry.
27 27 Vernon Davis wants to make the playoffs so bad that he’ll even cry about it on national TV.
28 28 Josh McDaniels was fined for illegal videotaping other team’s practices. Clearly he didn’t watch the videos.
29 29 Stevie Johnson wore the best shirt during his press interview during the week. All it said was “It’s all good.”
30 30 This week in OchoCinco: He told Darren Sharper (via twitter) that he was going to punch him in the face on Sunday. Got to love technology.
31 31 It’s time for the Lions to start thinking about the draft. That is if they haven’t already been doing that since week 1.
32 32 Will the Panthers draft Andrew Luck even though they have Jimmy Clausen?

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