[SPORTS] NFL Power Rankings: Week 10

Team TW LW
1 4 The rotating door at #1 continues. The Pats are back on top after a convincing win over the Stillers.
2 2 The Jets snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat. Not thanks to Nick Folk.
3 3 “Rowdy” Roddy White is the best receiver in the NFL. Fact!
4 1 Perhaps the Steel town lads aren’t as great as we previously thought.
5 14 Michael Vick had the single greatest game for any QB in NFL history last weekend. He’s En Fuego!
6 6 The Ravens biggest skill is flying under the national media radar. Does anyone ever talk about Baltimore without mentioning The Wire?
7 7 How about this Javarris“Don’t call me Edgerrin” James?
8 10 The Packers are like a sneaky ninja tip-toeing around the NFL. Pay attention to them or else they’ll strike.
9 11 The Saints are creeping back up the rankings and are (not surprisingly) in very good shape for the second half of the season.
10 12 LeGarrett Blount has come a long way since he unnecessarily punched a Boise State player last college season.
11 13 They play football on Thursdays? I wouldn’t know because Time Warner Cable doesn’t include this mystical sounding “NFL Network”.
12 5 The lights briefly went out at the new Meadowlands last weekend during the Cowboys game. They said it was a power outage, but I blame MegaMind.
13 8 Kerry Collins is the only player in the NFL who makes Brett Favre look young.
14 9 Haha, Todd Haley refused to shake Josh Mcdaniels hand after the game last week. Does anyone like Mcdaniels?
15 16 How is it that Brandon Marshall is having the worst season of his career and his “replacement” Brandon Llloyd is tearing up the NFL? Is this bizarro world?
16 17 Brian Bosworth made Deadspin’s list of the top 100 worst players in NFL history. Somehow his mullet didn’t make the list.
17 22 Another week and the Raiders (said like Chris Berman) still have the look of a playoff team.
18 18 You won’t be surprised to hear that Ryan Leaf made the list of all-time worsts (#6). Is worsts a word? Probably if you ask Sarah Palin.
19 20 Couldn’t be happier to hear that former Jag Richard Collier (who was paralyzed after being shot 6 times) is making big strides and proving doctors wrong.
20 15 Why do the Texans keep doing this to me every season? Is it too much to ask that they actually win enough games to make the playoffs?
21 19 Why did the ‘Skins sign Donovan McNabb to a big contract extension? I’m I the only one who has noticed that he’s not that good anymore?
22 21 The Rams are still rebuilding (clearly), but they have the look of a team that can surprise anyone.
23 23 An adult male Browns fan tackled an eight year old jets fan last weekend. I hope the court rules that he should be tackled by Brian Urlacher.
24 24 Right about now, the Arizona Cardinals couldn’t even beat the St. Louis Cardinals in a game of flag football.
25 25 Brett Favre is so bad this season that if they had an opposite Pro Bowl, he’d be the NFC’s starter.
26 27 Nobody thought Troy Smith had what it took to be an NFL QB. Will his surprising performance last week propel the ‘Niners into the NFC West chase?
27 26 Sorry Ladies, Chad OchoCinco is officially off the market after proposing to his girlfriend Evelyn Lozada.
28 29 I assume that Tebow time is a lot like The Jersey Shore’s T-shirt time.
29 30 Dez Bryant lost a diamond earing during the ‘boys game last weekend. Sadly, he found it.
30 32 Bills fans, wave goodbye to Andrew Luck. At least for now.
31 28 It appears that the Lions really want to be known as the franchise to never win a game in a season. Oh yea, they’ve also lost 25 in a row on the road.
32 31 Big win for the Panthers this week. They won the #1 pick. Will they be able to hold on to it?

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