[SPORTS] NFL Power Rankings: Week 1

Team TW LW
1 NR Still #1 after important week one divisional win over Minnesota.
2 NR Not even fender benders can stop Tom Brady.
3 NR Can Marshawn Lynch behave himself if he’s traded to the Pack?
4 NR Pretty good start to the season for Willis Mcgahee (6 carries for -2 yards).
5 NR Brett Favre is a fan of Lil’ Wayne. So says Bryant McKinnie.
6 NR Arian Foster ran for almost as many yards in week 1 (231) as he did all of last season (257).
7 NR There was only four one hundred yard rushers in week one. Of course Chris Johnson was one of them.
8 NR Guess what Colts receiver is leading the NFL after one game? If you say you guessed Austin Collie then you, sir, are a liar and I don’t like liars.
9 NR Tony Romo is the only good player on my fantasy football team. That’s what happens when you nap through your draft.
10 NR Dennis Dixon did not look like a third string quarterback in week one.
11 NR I’m not sure how to pronounce Legedu Naanee’s name, but I still want to name my first born after him.
12 NR I’m going to miss “The Falconer” skit the most now that Will Forte has left the cast of SNL.
13 NR Washington still has a football team? Huh, I didn’t even realize.
14 NR The G-men are good. Just not good enough to win enough football games to be a playoff team. In that case, they are not good.
15 NR The ‘Fins barely beat the Bills. That’s like barely eating more hot dogs than a guy with his jaw wired shut.
16 NR The Jets are the most over hyped thing since Avatar.
17 NR I guess Derek Anderson can still sling it…against Pop Warner teams.
18 NR I think this Pete Carroll must be some kind of evil wizard if he can make the Seahawks good again this quickly.
19 NR Jay Cut finally threw for more yards than his Denver replacement. On a side note, the Bears actually won.
20 NR Hilarious cameo by Chad OchoCinco on the season premiere of The League. Child, please!
21 NR The Mike Vick show is back for the first time since ’06.
22 NR Matt Cassel has a great skill of looking as horrible as possible during a win. You can’t teach that.
23 NR I’ve never heard of any of Jax’s receivers, but than again I hadn’t heard of most of the people who performed at the VMA’s either.
24 NR There’s no way the ‘Niners are this bad again is there?
25 NR The Buccaneers are officially undefeated…
26 NR The best thing Tim Tebow could do for his career is to continue to not play. He could only live up to the hype if he turned water into Gaterade.
27 NR Former Raiders coach Jon Gruden blew up on a ref at a High School football game and kept referring to him as Forest Gump. Gruden is feisty.
28 NR I want to see Jimmy Clausen play like woah.
29 NR Buffalo WILL start 0-2 this season. Let the Jake Locker chants begin.
30 NR The Lions have cheerleaders now? Finally something in that stadium will be able to entertain the fans.
31 NR Is there a better sports name than C.J. Ah You? I highly doubt it.
32 NR Why not just let Josh Cribbs start at QB, RB and WR?

Image credit: Paige Foster

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