Somebody’s gotta win…


Do you remember the music from the Publisher’s Clearing House commercials?  Miracles can happen, can happen to you… Well, I would have told you to take that advice with a very large grain of salt.  I would have, at least, until this year.  No, I didn’t win a Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes, but I did win a more modest contest this year.  I entered the contest on Facebook, of all places, and somehow managed to win it all.  The experience of winning has made me more willing to enter other contests (Hey, it happened once, right?), and in general to give more credence to taking the few seconds necessary to submit an entry in a legitimate contest.

With that in mind, I want to tell you about a contest you should enter.  Why?  Because it’s really simply to enter, and somebody’s got to win, right?  And in this particular contest, you’re not going to hurt my chances because I’m contractually disqualified.  I’m such a great humanitarian, eh?

The contest in question is the Dove Men+Care Fan Bowl.  It’s a Facebook contest, it’s super easy to enter, and there are a ton of prizes, so you’ve got more than one chance to win.  Plus it is endorsed by none other than the last NFL player to successfully score points on a drop-kick, Doug Flutie, and some other guy.  Head on over to the Dove Men+Care Facebook page and take part in the Photo Challenge.  Tell them Ben sent you.  If that doesn’t work, just start clicking on things until you get in.

On Facebook: Dove Men+Care Fan Bowl Photo Challenge

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