So You Missed Seeing RUSH at the Theater?


Oh, so you have kids and you’re busy and you missed the recent Formula 1 racing thriller RUSH when it hit theaters? That’s cool. Believe me, you’re not alone. We totally understand. But you’re in luck because the gripping 2013 Ron Howard film just dropped for home viewers. Starring Chris Hemsworth as British racing legend James Hunt and Daniel Brühl as Austrian super-driver Niki Lauda, the movie tells the true story of their legendary 1976 rivalry battling for the Formula 1 World Championship title.

The movie has made quite a stir with viewers and critics alike, with Peter Hammond of Movieline declaring it “One of the best movies of this, or any, year.” Directed by Ron Howard, the movie recently received Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations as well as plenty of Oscar chatter for its edge-of-the-seat, skin-of-your-teeth, redline action and top notch drama. Balancing super-charged racing with an accurate portrayal of the true story involved (on a tight budget) was no small feat. So the recent recognition from all sides isn’t lost on Director Ron Howard. “…we had to try to tackle this visually ambitious project more with creative will, sometimes, than with ready cash. The nominations are fantastic for the movie. The Screen Actors Guild nominations, not only for Daniel Bruhl but also in the stunt category, kind of epitomizes what people actually like about “Rush”; it functioned effectively on more than one level. The degree-of-difficulty factor was high for me as a director, and for all of us. It’s great that it hasn’t been forgotten, especially in a year as creative and diverse and exciting as this year has proved to be.” said Howard in a recent interview.


For F1 Racing fans, the 1976 Hunt/Lauda dual is hallowed ground. Many have tried to put this story to film before, but couldn’t secure the cooperation of all the players involved. And for good reason. It’s a timeless story that needed to be done right. Lauda had been approached dozens of times through the years (Hunt passed away from a heart attack in 1993) to put the duo’s story on the big screen. And he turned everyone down until British playwright and Oscar-nominated screenwriter Peter Morgan (The Queen, Frost/Nixon) entered the room. The two spoke and Lauda agreed to move forward, sensing that if the story was ever going to be told correctly it was finally in the right hands.

What unfolds for us on screen is the high-speed tale of the live-fast-playboy Hunt and the ruthlessly methodical Lauda in their pinnacle 1976 racing season, battling it out on the great Grand Prix world circuit with all the style, excess, drama and indulgence the era could afford.


So, where can you see RUSH? It was just released in all the various formats this month, so you’re in luck. But if you really want to enjoy the movie than rent it online through Sky Store where you’ll be automatically entered for the chance to win a 5-Star, VIP Trip for two to the 2014 British Grand Prix in Silverstone this coming July! Not a bad ride.

MPAA: Rated R for strong language, flashing images and sexual content.

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