Single Dad Casting Call

I have an opportunity to share and I need your help. has been approached by a casting director for a single father TV show and I need to cast two more single fathers who fit a particular status.

  • A single dad (never married, widowed father, and divorced fathers all apply)
  • Full time dad with full custody preferred
  • Children:  I would prefer preschool; grade school and under for is the age range
  • African American, Asian, Indian, or any other ethnic category

Please feel free to offer this email to any other contacts you know of. I will need all candidates to send me a family photo, and individual photo, and a brief bio of how the father became a single parent. If there is anything unique about their circumstances, let me know.

Send your information to my personal email: This is important and urgent – the call expires at the end of the day, 7/14/2009. I will provide more details upon your response.

Image credit: Jonathan Angeles

2 thoughts on “Single Dad Casting Call

  1. RJ sounds like a great opportunity. I understand the standard protocol is to get headshots and good looking people on TV. BUT if we focus on just good looking people, will you not miss the point! Your site and cause is admirable, but please keep it real. We’re not all Brad Pitt’s on the outside but hey there’s some good stuff once you open the lid!

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