[REVIEW] The Go Anywhere Pelican i1015 iPhone Case

I love my iPhone and I love to take it everywhere, but as I’m planning a canoe trip with the family taking it on the trip on water with kids is a little daunting.  Enter the Pelican i1015 iphone case, a water-resistant, dustproof, crushproof tank of a case.  It’s pretty bulky, and it certainly couldn’t fit comfortably in a pocket, but it will allow you to carry your iphone along on pretty much any trip without fear.  It’s rugged with a heavy-duty latch and a thick rubber o-ring for a watertight fit.  The i1015 has room for an iPhone or a comparable smart phone with room for cables, and earphones.  One particularly cool thing about the i1510 is it allows you to still plug in headphones or speakers while it’s closed via an external headphone jack.   One bummer is you can’t interact with the touch screen in the case so you’ll need to open it up if you want to change songs or answer a call.

Overall we were really impressed by the quality of craftsmanship, and it’s covered by a lifetime guarantee.  So if you’re looking for a rugged case and you’re willing to sacrifice some space and some functionality you’ll be pleased with this Pelican case.  The Pelican i1015 retails for $34.99, but you can find it online for around 20 bucks.

Pelican i1015 website

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