Review: Snapple Antioxidant Water

My family is many things, but experienced product testers we are not. Nevertheless, when given the chance to try out the new Snapple Antioxidant Water, we couldn’t resist. Soon we were the proud recipients of a rare treat: an overnight shipment of bottles of flavored water!

If you’ve seen the commercial for this stuff, you’ll know they’re focusing their marketing on protecting your body with antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients in the water. That’s all well and good, but my wife, Jen, and I aren’t likely to start replacing fruits and vegetables with bottles of Snapple! When choosing a beverage at the corner convenience store, though, it’s a better selection than a soda or a sweetened ice tea.

A quick rundown of the product:

Snapple Antioxidant Water comes in a variety of flavors. We tried out tropical mango, raspberry ascerola, agave melon, and dragonfruit. Three other flavors are also available.

There are four types of fortification: awaken, restore, protect, and defy (the latter is marketed as a sort of elixir of youth)
The water is sweetened with sugar, though the amount of carbs per serving is no more than half that of a serving of soda.

Jen and I, along with our four kids ages two to nine, sat down around the kitchen table with our bottles of Snapple. The room was abuzz. We poured the first round–tropical mango. All agreed it was tasty. Rounds two through four were also well received. The kids each had preferred flavors, but none of them were disliked. The raspberry ascerola was Jen’s favorite. The kids all volunteered that they’d like them again. I wonder if we can keep getting free samples?

I’ve tried various types of flavored and reinforced waters before; I’ve always come away with the feeling that they were either too weakly flavored or too heavily sweetened. The Snapple product was neither; they seem to have achieved a good balance. I’m already a water drinker, though, so sweetened, flavored water isn’t something I’m likely to go for. Jen, though, likes something with a bit more flavor. She says given the choice, she’d choose the Snapple because “it’s healthier.”

Indeed, it is the health benefits of the Snapple Antioxidant Water that makes it appealing. While we wouldn’t use it as a substitute for other nutrient sources, as a healthier alternative to a soda, it’s a great choice. Jen also made a good observation while inspecting the label: these Snapple waters are loaded with electrolytes. That also makes them a good alternative to some of the sports drinks out there, and a good choice for the kids on the hotter days of summer. And as anyone who has had kids knows, getting them to drink electrolyte-reinforcing beverages when they’ve been sick can be a challenge. Having an alternative that we know they like–now that’s a great idea.

One note of caution: the “awaken” formula does contain caffeine, among other stimulants. We try to avoid caffeine in our kids’ diets, so that’s one variety we’re not likely to pick up. The rest of the types are caffeine-free.

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Ben Martin is editor-in-cheif of The Father Life.

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