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Teether from Little ToaderFor the past few months I have been able to learn more than I ever thought I could learn about being a dad. Changing diapers, preparing formula, shopping for girl’s clothes, etc. Over that time there have been a few things that have proven indispensable. I am proud to say that the products from Little Toader have helped make the growth of my baby girl that much more pleasant.

The company was started by a family in Florida that was inspired to make products for children that were safe and entertaining while providing an avenue for growth and development (paraphrase of their “About Us” page). They offer a small selection of products, being a new company, and the products are solid. I was sent a teething toy and their storybook PJs to review.

The PJs are a pair of long pajamas that are paired with a corresponding story book. The PJs have characters illustrated on them that appear in the story. The color and style is attractive, and the texture is very soft and looks to be durable. My daughter is only 8 months old, so we are excited to be able to try them out when she gets big enough. Being employed in Texas in the public school system, I can say that I am ecstatic when a children’s product can pair design with literacy, and any time you can tie something back to a story that helps a child make a connection between characters, plot, and substance, you enhance their ability to read. So kudos to the Little Toader for putting all of that into one package!

By far the star of this package is the teething toy, Appeteethers. It can come in two styles, a fried chicken wing or a bar-b-q spare rib. Both are made out of silicone-type rubber that doesn’t have all those nasty chemicals in it and is textured to stimulate the child’s gums and incoming teeth. If you haven’t experienced teething yet, beware: it is a whole new ballgame. To those who have, you know that the thing that works doesn’t ever make sense, but it definitely works. When a child teethes they automatically will chew and gnaw on things to help stimulate the cutting and moving of the gum out of the way of the teeth. This product is useful in that it is soft enough to chomp on, has a textured surface to be interesting, and comes in a shape that offers multiple surfaces. It is comical to see a baby with a photo-realistic chicken wing hanging out of their mouth, and my daughter definitely has entertained us with it. A++ for this product.

I like this company and the product they offer. I will probably be purchasing the rib teether to go with my chicken wing because I love that wing so much. To make a loud night quiet and to bring a smile to a sore mouth is worth the cost of these teethers. Bringing literacy to a growing child does not need justification, and the PJs are cool looking and soft, so they really have a winner here. Definitely recommend their products and look forward to their growing product line.

Learn more at http://littletoader.com.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, who received no compensation from Little Toader aside from the complimentary items reviewed.

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