[REVIEW] Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasonings

You know those big canisters of popcorn you get as a gift every once in a while?  The ones with three or so different flavors of popcorn in them?  Yeah, I don’t like those.

It wasn’t the flavoring (I LOVE flavor).  It was the popcorn.  Stale.  Denser than it should be. Kind of rubbery.  Problem is, I have no way of getting decent flavored popcorn any other way.  Oh sure, you can buy bags of the stuff at the store, too.  It’s next to the Doritos and Ruffles.  But it isn’t any better; it’s just more of the same stale junk.

Enter Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasonings.  This stuff is great.  Kernel Season’s makes the flavors to put on the popcorn.  You pop your own corn (microwave, air-popped, stove top, whatever works for you).  Then sprinkle on the seasoning of your choice, toss, and voila!  FRESH flavored popcorn.

There are several flavors from which to choose:  white cheddar, nacho cheese, butter, ranch, and kettle corn.  Since you add the seasonings, you determine how strong the flavor will be.  Want just a hint of butter?  No problem.  Want so much nacho cheese flavor you forgot it was popcorn you ingested?  That can be arranged.  It’s your call.

For the kids, this makes a great, fun family snack.  We popped up a couple of bags of popcorn, then gave each kid their own bowl.  They got to choose and apply their own choice of seasonings.  They had a blast.  We’ve also found that you can use the seasonings on other foods, too.  French fries were a good one; mashed potatoes also worked well.

In my entirely unscientific poll of my four kids (age range: 3 to 10), three out of four said that if they were purchasing popcorn, they would want to purchase the seasonings, too.  All four of them said that if the seasoning was already present, they would definitely use it.  My wife was impressed at the low calorie count and fat content of the seasonings; she could easily use them to add flavor to something without messing up all of those numbers she keeps track of.

Kernel Season’s also manufactures movie-theatre style liquid butter and a butter spray, which work well if you’re going for the guilty pleasure popcorn to enjoy with your Netflix.  The Popcorn Seasonings, though, are a lot of fun for the kids and definitely worth keeping around the house.

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