[REVIEW] Energizer 15 Minute Charger


We managed to get our hands on the Energizer 15 minute charger to see if it’s true to it’s word and if it’s worth your hard earned money.  First, the contents of our test unit:  a 15 minute charger, 2 AAA batteries,  2 AA batteries, wall plug, directions, and a bonus 12v plug handy for travel.  We were impressed with how small the charger is; you could easily pack it for trips, and can it be kept in a convenient location – say a desk or near your entertainment center – without standing out too much.

In our environmentally conscious lifestyles, we like anything that is rechargeable to cut down on waste, and if it charges in 15 minutes what’s better for us busy dads?  (I’d say a 5 minute charger, however I don’t think we’re there yet).  So did it deliver on it’s claims?  In a word: Yes.  True to its claims,  it charged the dead batteries that came with it in 15 minutes. We tested it several times and every time it was right around 15 minutes.  The charger also has a built in safety timer and a temperature sensor which monitors each individual battery and terminates charging when fully charged.  There is also a LED light which turns from red to green when the batteries are charged.  There’s a built in fan, too, which will run when the batteries are charging.  Don’t let the fan tell you when it’s done charging, because the fan will run for minutes after the charge to cool down the batteries.  The batteries  do get pretty warm.

We tested these batteries in digital cameras, wireless mice, and toys around the house, and found them to hold a good charge.  We were sold on the convenience factor, too.  Having fresh batteries practically on demand was fantastic.  No more running out last minute because we were out of fresh batteries for that birthday party.  We found it also to be an automatic add on for anyone who has or is getting a Nintendo Wii.  This is an absolute must!  You’ll go broke buying new batteries every time your non rechargeable ones die, plus Smokey Bear and Mother Nature are going to come looking for you.

Speaking of Mother Nature, just because you’re going green by buying rechargeable batteries doesn’t mean you can toss them out with your garbage.  There are really nasty chemicals in rechargeable batteries, and until the technology in them gets a lot greener, please dispose of them properly.  There are batteries out there that claim to be OK for the environment, but until those two technologies merge, give a hoot!

So our conclusion is that this product provides  a quick and easy way to get fresh batteries almost wherever you are.  The battery performance delivers adequately on most of our gadgets and gizmos (and toys). Thankfully most of our gadgets run on AA and AAA batteries.  If you have a need to charge C, D, or 9 volt batteries, you’ll want to consider other options.

Suggested retail pricing is 49.95 USD, but we’ve found 39.95 USD to be a common price range.

Your Daddy Time: Worth It or Wasted? Worth It! 5/5 stars

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