Review: Death Race

Death Race (Rated R)

Director: Paul W. S. Anderson
Cast: Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson, Ian McShane, Natalie Martinez, Joan Allen

“Sit Back and Enjoy the Carnage.”

The world of remakes takes on a new slant as Death Race hits theaters. This gritty, gruesome version of the 1975 Death Race 2000 brings The Great Race to the Grand Theft Auto generation.

Jason Statham plays an ex pro-racer with a record framed for murder and forced to join this era’s version of reality TV, which includes to-the-death crash and burn racing. Along with his very own pit crew lead by Ian McShane, and his navigator Natalie Martinez, he attempts to fend off other racers including Tyrese Gibson, booby traps, and Joan Allen, whose warden-from-hell character would make even “Cool Hand Luke” a bit sweaty.

The movie borrows generously from various elements of its action roots. If you start having visions of Running Man, Mad Max, Gladiator, or even Tron during the movie, it’s because it follows the classic gladiatorial formula of “good guy needs to kill other guys to survive and get back at ‘the man’ by crushing the system that placed him there.” (Whew, that was a mouthful). Unique or cutting edge, it is not. But it is very good at what it does, which is stimulate your inner caveman with nonstop images of cars, crashes, and curves (of the navigators).

The reason (and perhaps the moral) in the movie for all the carnage is to attract and keep the eyeballs of millions of faceless and bloodthirsty pay-per-view online viewers who are watching to see who wins and even more to see who dies and in what surprising way. Consider yourself on the same level as these subscribers, as the movie is extremely violent. If there could be an R+ rating it should have it. Besides the human on human fighting, the cars trash each other so much in this movie that on your drive home you will definitely look at your rear view mirror a bit more than usual.

This is not for the kids and barely for a date or the Mrs, unless you are setting yourself up to be forced to see the next Jude Law movie or paying her back for the last one she dragged you to. This is a movie to be seen on a big screen with your boys. Be sure to build up the brownie points for your pass. Afterwards, be sure to release all the testosterone buildup that you’ll leave the theater with at the gym or pub before heading home.

Your Daddy Time: Worth It or Wasted? Worth it! 3.5/5 Stars

The Rating System is for dads who need to know one thing- Is this movie WORTH IT to:

* Pack up the kids, bags, etc and trek to the theater – or
* Find a babysitter so Dad can have a date night – or
* Cash in brownie points with the Mrs. so he can go with his buddies

If it doesn’t fit these simple criteria, the movie gets the WASTED rating, which means – don’t waste the precious time you have, wait for video/cable when you can squeeze it between chores, work and sleep.


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