[REVIEW] Daddin’ – The Verb of Being a Dad

Review of Daddin' The Verb of Being a DadTo be a father and to be a dad are two things that seem like they should be easily distinguishable. To father means that you have contributed genetically to a child. In a technical sense, to be a dad means the same, but it carries with it so much more. Small children have no concept of “fatherhood” or that the man who looks lovingly into their eyes is related to them genetically. They only know this person as Dad, Daddy, Dah-e, depending on the age of your child.

This second, less formal sense, is what Dion McInnis puts forth in his book Daddin’: The Verb of Being a Dad. In a highly conversational style, as if you were listening to his story over a cup of coffee at a doughnut shop, Dion takes the reader on a multi-generational journey highlighting what exactly it means to be a dad. Along the way, you get a glimpse of patriarchy and duty of passing on the essence of manhood. But every step is also, and most importantly, characterized by the love of a father for his children (in Dion’s case, sons).

Dion adds to the resources of fatherhood his own conversation about what it means to be a dad. An important aspect of fatherhood is to teach the next generation how to live; of utmost importance in being a dad is showing the next generation how to live. This book should be on the shelf of any man who takes being a father, and most importantly, who takes being a dad, seriously.

“To play with your kids is a good thing; to be with your kids is even better.”

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