[REVIEW] Baby Activity Logger for iPhone/iPod Touch

Calling all high tech parents! Looking for a way to track your baby’s day-to-day functions? Well, for iPhone and iPod users, there is a new app that can save your sanity before you lose it.  The Baby Activity Logger is the latest and greatest way to keep track of your baby’s activities. Forget that old pen and paper method or trying to jot it down on the family white board. Now you can have the information with you at all times and know right where it is.

As a brand new dad, I understand the need for an application that you can use when you’re sleep deprived and a walking zombie. The Baby Activity Logger for the iPhone is by far the easiest app to use for tracking your baby’s daily activities. Now you can actually know why the baby is crying or fussing. It will also help you see how much your baby is eating and sleeping and how often. With its big and easy to find icons, it makes the one handed mom or dad that much more efficient. I applaud the one handed usability of this app as well as the readability. The Baby Logger distinctly demonstrates when your baby last ate, slept, burped, pooped, spat up, and went potty. You can document how much he/she ate for both liquids and solids. It also has the ability to track in milliliters or ounces, which is an improvement over some of the other apps out there.

With Baby Logger you can also email your daily information to your spouse or a family member. You can track multiple babies and easily see what the baby did all day on the today page. One of the coolest parts of this app is its ability to directly connect to your Twitter account. If you so choose, every time you log something — such as the baby spitting up — it updates that on Twitter. So, if my wife is taking care of my son all day and I am at work, I can look at my Twitter page and see exactly what is going on with him. The only change I would recommend with the Twitter connection is the wording it uses when it tweets.

I think this app is great, but I think it could add some more features that would help it compete with Total Baby better. If they could get the info to sync between two iPhones, it would be hands down the absolute best on the market. Nerdtown might also want to look into adding photos, as well as embellishing some of the pre-existing icons, such as adding icons for how and where the baby slept. It would help a parent understand why their baby won’t sleep in its crib because it slept in moms or dads arms the whole week. I would also add the ability to store medical information. That way you always have all your baby’s vaccines, allergies, and doctor visit notes with you. All in all, as a new dad and an iPhone lover, this app is a must have for every high tech parent.

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