[REVIEW] Aperion Home Audio Link: One Link to Rule Them All

Sometimes you come across something that is so well thought out, so well designed and so gosh darn idiot proof that you suddenly see a genuine need for something. Gentlemen look no further than the Aperion Home Audio Link.

The Home Audio Link (HAL for short) is a wireless solution that gets all your audio content on your computer or MP3 player and sends it to the place where it will sound best, your stereo system.  Simply plug in one of the wireless receivers into your stereo (this will stay fairly permanent as long as you have one central audio output) and plug the other into your music device.

We tested the complete Home Audio Link System, which retails for $150.  The System includes two wireless receivers, two USB plugs (can’t have too many of those), 2 RCA cables, 2 3.5mm audio jacks, directions and a nifty box.  Each additional Wireless receiver is $70.00.  The receivers are small enough that they can be easily stored when not in use, and brought out when needed.

We tested HAL on both Apple and PC computers though a USB port and it performed well on both machines.  The USB port will run audio and power through it so there’s no need to plug anything else into your computer.  HAL also works with any MP3 players or other portable audio devices that have a 3.5mm headphone jack. When using HAL with items without a USB port like portable audio devices you’ll need to plug HAL into a power source to run the wireless connection.

Sound quality was fantastic.  No static, no delay and plenty of bass.  We were able to control music from the next room, and could easily control it just like playing music through the computer speakers.  We also tried using it as a wireless subwoofer connection.  We plugged one receiver into the stereo and attached the other receiver into the RCA connector on the subwoofer near our couch. This brought new enjoyment to movies and it gave us the flexibility and sound quality we needed, but couldn’t achieve with standard cables.

Overall, for the money you get a well-designed versatile product that sounds great and is easy to use.  It comes with a one-year warranty and unlimited technical support.  Visit Aperion at www.aperionaudio.com for more info and reviews on HAL and other Aperion products.

The opinions state are those of the author, who received no compensation from Aperion except for the product reviewed.

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